Just out from Seven Stories Press, my young readers’ adaptation of Freedom Summer tells the story of the young people who risked their lives to spend the summer of 1964 helping Black citizens in Mississippi register to vote. Award-winning journalist Bruce Watson, who wrote the book, interviewed dozens of those young volunteers decades later, gathering their stories of that frightening, hopeful season of blood, sweat, and tears. Freedom Summer for Young People is the story of a triple murder that riveted the nation, a vital piece of the Civil Rights movement–and the story of young people who made history, often told in their own words.


My Young Readers’ Edition of Lies My Teacher Told Me is based on a bestselling book about U.S. history and how it is taught to kids. It explores what textbooks leave out and get wrong about dozens of topics, from Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims to the Vietnam War and 9/11. It also has tools and tips for digging beneath the surface of history. To face the future, young people need a true understanding of the past. This book will help them get there.


I’m immensely proud of the Young Readers Edition of Charles Darwin’s landmark book On the Origin of Species, and I hope you will enjoy it. Bonus: it’s not just for young readers–it’s for anyone who would like a shorter, easier-to-read Origin.

On the Origin of Species has been called the most important book ever written in science. I’ve shortened and streamlined the text, making it easier for modern readers to understand. I’ve also added a glossary, lots of illustrations, and sidebars that bring the science up to date and explain new discoveries in evolution since Darwin’s time.

Artist Teagan White created this beautiful cover. More of her illustrations are inside, along with more than a hundred photos and other illustrations to help bring Darwin’s words to visual life. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

One of the most exciting projects of my writing career was A Young People’s History of the United States. It was a chance to bring the work of a great scholar to a new audience of young readers.

Famed historian Howard Zinn published A People’s History of the United States in 1980, then updated it over the years. He focused on the “ordinary people” who are often left out of official history books–including young people who helped shape history. Zinn was especially interested in people and ideas that challenged the ¬†forces of oppressive government and big business. His probing look at American history, with its emphasis on stories that are often neglected, became a bestseller. I’m honored to have been chosen to adapt the 2003 edition of this important work into an American history for younger readers.



Stephen King may be the most famous modern writer in the world–and he’s written more books than most of the others. I love good horror fiction, so it was a blast to research and write this 2011 biography for teens–and a true pleasure to receive this glowing starred review from Booklist. The book not only covers King’s life and career but also offers critical interpretations of the King stories and books most often found on school reading lists.



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