One of the most exciting projects of my writing career was A Young People’s History of the United States. It was a chance to adapt the work of historian Howard Zinn for a new audience of young readers–and in January 2023, this new edition of A Young People’s History was published. Zinn focused on the “ordinary people” who are often left out of official history books–including young people who helped shape history. He was especially interested in people and ideas that challenged the ¬†forces of oppressive government and big business. His probing look at American history, with its emphasis on stories that are often neglected, became a bestseller. It has been an honor to be entrusted with adapting his book into an American history for younger readers.


In How to Change Everything, I turned the writings of climate and social justice journalist Naomi Klein into a book for young readers, complete with profiles of kids around the world who have become activists fighting for a better future. The book doesn’t simply inspire young people to take action against climate change and for justice–it gives them information and tools to help them do it. Read more about the book here.


I’m immensely proud of the Young Readers Edition of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, and I hope you will enjoy it. Bonus: it’s not just for young readers–it’s for anyone who would like a shorter, easier-to-read Origin.

On the Origin of Species has been called the most important book ever written in science. I’ve shortened and streamlined the text, making it easier for modern readers to understand. I’ve also added a glossary, lots of illustrations, and sidebars that bring the science up to date and explain new discoveries in evolution since Darwin’s time.

Artist Teagan White created this beautiful cover. More of her illustrations are inside, along with more than a hundred photos and other illustrations to help bring Darwin’s words to visual life.



Stephen King may be the most famous modern writer in the world–and he’s written more books than most of the others. I love good horror fiction, so it was a blast to research and write this 2011 biography for teens–and a true pleasure to receive this glowing starred review from Booklist. The book not only covers King’s life and career but also offers critical interpretations of the King stories and books most often found on school reading lists.



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