Captions for Stephen King

Today I’m working on captions for my book about Stephen King, the author of Carrie, The Shining, and lots of other terrifying tales.

You might think of King as a horror writer, but he has written other kinds of books and stories as well. He’s written about baseball, about growing up, and about his own life as a writer.

My book Stephen King tells the story of his amazing life and career. I also analyze two of King’s novels and two of his short stories in detail.

Making a book doesn’t happen overnight. I finished writing Stephen King several months ago. Since that time, the publisher has been getting the book ready to be printed. Writing captions is one of my last tasks as the book’s author. I have to look at all the pictures that will illustrate the book, then write a caption for each one, explaining what the picture represents. Beneath a picture of King as a little boy, for example, my caption will say how old he was when the picture was taken.

Choosing pictures for Stephen King was not easy. Thousands of great photographs document his career as a writer. Some of the most fun photos are posters and scenes from the many movies that have been based on his work. My book couldn’t include them all, but I’m happy with the final choices.

Next step: The book goes off to be printed. I can’t wait for this one to come off the printing press!

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