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New Book Is Out

There’s nothing like the feeling of holding your new book in your hands for the first time. All the hours you spent working on it, not to mention all the work by everyone else who helped make the book a reality, are well worth it.

I got that feeling yesterday when I opened a package from our country’s ethnic and racial history. My part was to make Professor Takaki’s scholarly book shorter and easier to read, so that children and teenagers could benefit from his insights into the challenges, struggles, and also triumphs of the people and groups who came together–not always peacefully–to make up the American population.

Professor Takaki was not only a famous scholar–he was also a friend. I’m proud to have helped make his work available to young people, and I know it would make him tremendously happy to see this book. Now it’s up to the readers!

Revealed: Animal Behavior Revealed Book Covers!

I love the covers for my latest series of nonfiction books for kids: Animal Behavior Revealed.

These four books were both fascinating and tons of fun to write. I hope readers will share both the fascination and the fun. It’s amazing how much scientists are learning every day about how and why animals do the things they do.

Animal Behavior Revealed is due to be published in Fall 2012. Look for it online, in bookstores, and at your school or public library.


Next up–animal behavior

Have you ever wondered whether animals have emotions, such as happiness and sorrow? Or how they “talk” to each other? Or what it means when two animals play?

I’ve always been curious about those things, and now I’m exploring the mysterious subject of animal behavior for a new series of four books. The books will be How Animals Think, How Animals Feel, How Animals Communicate, and How Animals Play.

The scientific study of animal behavior is called ethology, and it’s a busy field these days. Researchers around the world are making fascinating discoveries about everything from the language of hyenas (they’re not laughing, they’re communicating) to the personality types of trout. Yes, trout!

Science is giving us new insights into the inner lives of the animals that share our world. I’m excited about bringing that information together for young readers in the books I’ll be writing next.

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